Is this study day for you?
This interactive day is suitable for Community Workers and Healthcare Professionals. The day will cover the impact of alcohol on liver health and look at the importance of Audit C as a tool for supporting lifestyle and behaviour change in liver care. Come along and learn how you can focus with greater impact on alcohol as an avoidable risk factor.

What is it about?
We set the growing national and individual impact of liver disease in perspective with a focus on alcohol, this is a national crisis so action is required. We move on to the liver and its functions laying out the often unseen consequences of liver disease. The three main ways to damage your liver  are alcohol, virus and obesity and these are briefly outlined.

This day will clarify the facts from misconceptions about alcohol then lay out  the national population health messages relating to alcohol.

Late morning the emphasis moves to the practical process of using  AUDIT  C and the appropriate referral of people to local alcohol management services is also highlighted where ever possible, with short presentations from the service providers encouraged as part of the day.

From lunchtime onwards the day will take the delegates through the communication skills required to use the FRAMES approach, which is the recommended style for the feedback of AUDIT C results. Offering a non judgmental style, building empathy and self belief in the individual.

These skills are taken from motivational Interviewing and are transferable to other areas, when working with people who are needing to change to healthier lifestyles.

So with our usual flare this day is relaxed and interactive using demonstrations, stories and most importantly focused on what people working with people need to know and then help people make sensible choices with regard to alcohol.


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