Is this study day for you?
This interactive day is appropriate for primary care clinicians, GPs, practice and community nurses or any professional involved with people with cardiovascular related chronic disease.

You may be managing diabetes, hypertension, established CVD or simply caring for our more mature population. This study day will help you to appreciate the vital role we play diagnosing and managing heart failure. Routine treatments such as ACE inhibitors, Beta blockers, plus the more recent therapies are being under used, often due to a lack understanding or mistrust, but lives could be prolonged.

What is it about?
We set the national scene and clarify the diagnosis of heart failure which interestingly is not the underlying diagnosis!

We move on to the pathophysiology of heart failure, with a “sad story” which recounts the reactions from the body when the heart fails and lays out in a memorable non power point manner the systems which are involved in the body. This story then becomes the basis of understanding for the management of heart failure from the routine to the complex, where a “daddy dancing” approach to understanding biventricular pacing comes in handy.

Keeping us focused on real life general practice we round off the day with some clinical cases to discuss the obscure and to consolidate the learning. This day has been delivered and developed over several years and is exceedingly popular. It has been commissioned as a one off study day or as a study day in association with local heart failure related contracts, but always it goes down well.


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