About Anne and Paula

Anne Connolly and Paula Briggs are the French and Saunders of women’s health! They share a passion for improving contraceptive care and have four children each, which they would like to convince people were planned!

They are both GPs and leaders in the field of contraception and community gynaecology – something they like to share in a lively, practical, down to earth way.

They both lecture regularly throughout the UK to all members of the multi-disciplinary team recognising that good women’s and sexual health care should involve all.

Both Anne and Paula are founder members of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum which is committed to improving care for women by sharing best practice and education.

Their Study Days will offer simple practical advise about managing the common women’s health problems presenting in primary care – such as abnormal uterine bleeding, fertility, continence and menopause issues and advise on straightforward ways to help help reduce the number of referrals to secondary care and improve the quality of those made when necessary.  Study Days are designed to include the topics requested from the commissioner.