Who is this programme for?
The day sweeps through a range of cardiovascular disease (CVD) related topics and assumes a level of knowledge. Therefore it is suitable for those health care professionals who already work in a CVD environment such as long term condition clinics in general practice or community, rehabilitation services, etc. This usually includes GPs, practice nurses and community/specialist nurses. The study day will refresh their knowledge and ensure they are delivering up to date evidence based care.

What is it about?
This is an informal day looking across the CVD spectrum to areas that are new or developing but with relevance to primary care practice and community services. We commence with primary prevention and lead gradually through the various areas of CVD to include whatever is new and relevant. The specific content very much depends on what is β€œnew” and affecting practice.

However if an area is of concern to a commissioner of the course we can focus or include aspects as requested.

We would also encourage attendees to bring along their questions and queries as we will aim to answer these during the day.


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