What are these Study Days?

These Study Days are designed specifically for Health Care Assistants in General Practice. The language will make complicated processes seem understandable. Practical demonstrations and explanations used and we assume no knowledge.

Being effective in health care is more than performing tasks safely, doing is different to understanding. With understanding comes confidence and with confidence comes the desire to learn and do more.


From a quick refresher on how to take a BP and explain the process for a patient who is home monitoring on through the NICE Guidance. From diagnosis of hypertension to recording the correct codes for the different types of BP results to what is so important about U and Es why take the pulse for rhythm. Read more here.


From a fundamental explanation of atheroma formation and the disease it can cause we proceed with a light touch on CVD risk assessment (a whole study day is ideal for this aspect) to then focus on established diseases of angina and heart attacks. Read more here.


From what is diabetes and why does it matter through all the routine processes invloved in diagnosis and management and what are they and why are they important. Read more here.