Is this study day for you?
An interactive and informal study day designed for the multi-professional primary care team. All members of the team provide day to day care for the 13% of the national population currently diagnosed with hypertension and are also routinely screening and diagnosing this condition. From HCAs to GPs, there are aspects to revise, learn and actions to take “back to practice”.  This day has been delivered to rave reviews for many years and is perfect to support local care pathways and to up date the whole primary care team.

What is it about?
We set the national scene and clarify the diagnosis of hypertension and the recent approach to the use of ambulatory and home monitoring. The physiology of the RAAS and parasympathetic systems for the non-hypertensive body are explained with a building story on the wall. This is then the basis for the management of hypertension, facilitating discussion and understanding the way the various drugs affect this system and lower the BP, the side effects they cause and the reasons for the selection of particular drugs. Once diagnosed and appropriate treatments have been selected according to the NICE Guidelines, monitoring and  targets are the issue.

We continue highlighting the evidence, with an eye on the fact that  acute kidney injury (AKI) is a potential and a national priority especially in the older patient so the cause and prevention of this is discussed and explained in an interactive manner. Complicated and rarer causes of hypertension are outlined and then clinical cases help consolidate knowledge.


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