Et al Training has a 20-year succesful track record of delivering bespoke, high quality clinical training.

Professionals who currently work in primary care and who understand how primary care systems operate in reality deliver our courses. This means that we have a reputation for practicality as well as technical expertise.

Our style of training is unique. We have looked carefully at what enables primary care professionals to learn effectively – believe it or not this does not include endless, repetitive and highly detailed ‘power-point’ slides! Getting the critical points across to busy primary care professionals therefore means that we use a range of different approaches – bespoke videos, plays, quizzes, games, expert tuition and mentoring.

Why do we do this? Because it works!

This is evident from our evaluations – indeed Martin Lombard, the NCD for Liver Care, has specifically requested the development of video as a means of creating a lasting impact on primary care professionals.

Et al have delivered national contracts for CCG’s, clinical networks, National Clinical Leads, The DofH, NHS Health Checks, NHS Kidney Care and NHS Liver Care. Our work comes as a direct result of personal recommendation and is firmly based upon our ability to deliver fantastic clinical training. The evaluations we receive are stunning and are what Et al is all about – making a real difference to primary care through excellent practical training.

Our study days are responsive to the local priorities and circumstances faced by specific health communities. Delivering effective care in Lincolnshire is very different to the pressures faced in inner city Liverpool – our training reflects this.

In addition our training follows national pathways and responds to how practices position themselves to respond to the pressures of accreditation and the  maintenance of quality standards in a difficult environment.

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Our expert Tutors include:
Jan Procter-King
Prof Mike Kirby
Beverley Bostock
Dr Clare Hawley
Christine McLean
Dr Chris Harris
Colette Boyden
Clair Liversedge
Our Study Days include:
Liver Care
Heart Failure
Motivational Interviewing
Chronic Kidney Disease
CVD for HCAs
CVD update for HCAs
NHS Health Checks
Women’s Health
janJan Procter-King