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Well known primary care nurse

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Jan has trained thousands of nurses and primary care professionals across the British Isles in the field of cardiovascular prevention and management. She is also editor in chief for the well established and very successful British Journal of Primary Care Nursing for cardiovascular disease diabetes and kidney care.

Her inspirational teaching style has led to a great following in this field. Clinical accuracy and practicality is core and Jan retains her practice nursing role to ensure her feet are on the ground. The use of stories, characterisation and general laughter continue to make her a real educational favourite.

Register on the website and take a look at her characterisation of a neurone, or meet atheroma both stable and unstable!

Ridiculous, but true, her description of a normal heart beat was described as the “The Morecombe and Wise version of an ECG, I loved it and will never forget”, or “For the first time ever I understand that squiggly line”.

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This is one of a series of light hearted videos highlighting the importance of different teaching styles, these informal descriptive approaches are often incorporated in study days delivered by Jan.