Is this study day for you?
This interactive day is suitable for Primary Care Healthcare Professionals including GPs, Practice Nurses and Community Nurses. The day will cover the impact of alcohol, obesity, and viral blood borne infections on liver health and look at the importance of lifestyle and behaviour change in liver care. Come along and learn how you can focus with greater impact on alcohol as an avoidable risk factor.

What is it about?
We set the growing national and individual impact of liver disease in perspective with a focus on alcohol; this is a national crisis so action is required. We move on to the liver and its functions laying the foundation for understanding the process of the monitoring of liver function and the potential consequences of liver disease. The three main ways to damage your liver  are alcohol, virus and obesity and these are outlined. The day will then focus on alcohol and reducing the impact on the individual and our practice populations.

The practical approaches we are expected to use for monitoring alcohol consumption and delivering brief intervention in line with the use of AUDIT C will be covered in detail. The appropriate referral of people to local alcohol management services is also discussed and where ever possible the services will be laid out for attendees.

This day was originally commissioned by the National Clinical Director for Liver Care after he attended a CKD study day and appreciated the informal but practical approach used by Et al Trainers. So with our usual style this day is relaxed and interactive using demonstrations, stories and most importantly focused on what people working in general practice need to know and then do to protect livers.


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