Is this study day for you?
This interactive study day is suitable for primary or community care professionals such as general practitioners, nurses, or any professional involved with adults and weight reduction issues.

What is it about?
The obesity study day takes you briefly through the international and national picture and the implications for the individual and their health. The concept of weight is discussed and decribed and the latest approaches to weight loss outlined. The principles are sound, but new thinking may surprise you with theories which, once explained,  make the whole topic make more sense.

The advice we give can be placed in context and then tailored appropriately when in clinical practice. Obesity is such a massive issue that drasctic measures are sometimes taken and surgical options also are outlined.

Practical approaches are offered for approaching obesity management for the individual and the practice.

The study day is delivered by tutors who work at the Rotherham Institute for Obesity. For many years they have successfully led, in their words, the “Foxhill Fat Fighters“ class, this is in the very real world of general practice. The study day is designed to be fun, informal, practical and offers the chance to perhaps think a bit differently about obesity and it’s management.

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Nutrition – Preventing & Managing CVD, Type 2 Diabetes & Malnutrition via Diet

In a sea of nutrition information it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction and assess dietary changes likely to have an impact on health.  This study day will ensure health care professionals are up to date on recent evidence and guidance on diet as related to CVD, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes and Malnutrition.  This interactive and informal study day is designed for the multi-professional primary care team and is suitable for a wide range of health care professionals.

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