Is this study day for you?
The day is designed to appeal to all members of the Primary Care Team including all nurses, healthcare assistants and general practitioners. Indeed if people are involved with adult long term care or the care of the elderly they need to understand stroke or we will never prevent and manage it effectively.

What is it about?
Originally designed in response to the stroke strategy being published this study day has a great track record of hitting the right level for effective learning. Keeping carefully to National Guidelines and where ever possible local pathways, it focuses on the specific practical issues of stroke and TIA diagnosis and management for Primary Care. Then goes further to cover prevention of stroke from embolic stroke caused by atrial fibrillation (AF) and address the issue of accurate diagnosis, prevention and management of atrial fibrillation .

The day is designed to include formal teaching using power point, plus more informal and interactive aspects. Among other aspects such as the musical heartbeat, the study day is famous for the teaching demonstration of the clotting cascade. Where visual teaching aids are used to help delegates get their heads around the complex processes involved in clotting. This helps professionals to explain the actions of and the roles played by the drugs used to prevent stroke and appreciate their role on the local pathway and why.


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